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Stargate Atlantis V2

Finally there's the final version of my map from the Stargate universe. This map represents the Atlantis gate room, jumper bay, briefing room, and a small cave on other planet. Fascinating about this map is that it should be ONLY the jumper bay, I started my work on the rest after I've done this. The gate is active, you can use it to go offworld. THIS IS NOT THE SAME MAP I PUBLISHED ON PCGAMEMODS.COM! This is much better. The jumper bay is the oldest part, only slightly modified, the jumper models are the same, so as the gate itself. The offworld location took me about 20 minutes, so I'm very sorry it is not bigger, I know it should be. Every texture, model, just everything was made by myself. I wanted to create a map of Atlantis that I like, and I mus say, I'm proud of it. Enjoy the results of my work. Have fun.


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