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STARBUG-1 Vehicle

Result of my 2 hours long work. After my Ebon Hawk was brutally deleted from pcgamemods.com, I decided to create many other vehicles, in the fact, I wanted to be better. So this model was made by myself, so I hope there's no doubt about it this time.



  More pics


copy the pk3 file in your "base" directory, run the game, open console and type "/npc spawn vehicle starbug_ck". If you want to spawn this vehicle by pressing a key, for example "U" you type "bind U npc spawn vehicle starbug_ck".


  Weapons - Primary only, Rebel Laser
Engines - MAX Speed 4600, TURBO 5600 (Duration 10 s)

Hope you like it.



Downloads: 384



X-302 Vehicle (Antarctica)

I think there's no need of any kind of introduction, everyone who watches Stargate has to know this fighter. Developed from the Goual'd Glider, used in the Battle of Antarctica against Anubis' fleet.


More pics


Weapons - Concussion Missile
Engines - MAX 4600, Turbo 5600 (Duration 10 s)



Downloads: 522



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